About me


Hi. I’m Kristine. I grew up in Norway, then moved across an ocean and a continent to go to school where I learned stuff about journalism and photography. Then I moved to NYC for half a decade where I learned more about photography but mostly about life and being broke. An assignment took me to Alaska, but I got stuck there and spent a year living life in the Alaskan bush, still broke but very analog and happy. Then I returned to school, in northern Norway this time, to learn stuff about ethnography, which sent me back to Alaska for fieldwork where I met a boy from Canada who made me happy. We moved to Oslo where I continued to learn stuff about photography and journalism, less broke and very happy with the boy from Canada. Then he and I had three kids in 15 months, and the boy from Canada returned to Canada to get the highest degree in his field. We packed up all the little ones and ended up in Vancouver, where I now photograph my children while I watch them grow and wait for time to resume my career. Which could possibly be tomorrow if you have anything you think would be a fit for me. I’m happy to travel.